Wealth Planning

Our practice focuses on wealth management and helping clients and their families plan for the future in shaping their wills, and in the right situation, a trust, along with a durable power of attorney and advanced health care directive. We welcome the opportunity to provide peace of mind in preparing for life’s events.


If you are wondering if it’s time to make a will, the answer is resoundingly “YES.”

You need one. Having a child, or getting married or re-married, are obvious times to make (or revise) a will. But anytime you want to avoid having someone else (i.e., the government) make decisions for you about who you want to be guardian of your children, or how your estate will be divided and administered, it is time to plan ahead with a will.

If you don’t have a will, and if you have probate property, (i.e., you own property at the time of death) your property will be distributed according to Oregon statute, and not necessarily according to your wishes.

We are here to help. We want to know your family needs, and your long term planning goals, whether it be wealth preservation or charitable giving.

We can also help provide the tools your family will need if you are unable to make financial decisions on your own at a future date. Durable powers of attorney will allow others whom you trust to make financial decisions in your interest if you are unable.

Advanced Health Care Directives are also an important strategy to plan ahead when tough decisions are being made about life and death. You can name a trusted health care representative to make these decisions for you, when you no longer have the capacity.

Additional information about wills can be found on the Oregon State Bar here.

I hadn’t revised my will since my divorce over 10 years ago, and it was an ongoing concern for me. I finally went to Nell, and she listened and understood what my needs were and went about crafting a will that was clear, professionally done and carefully considered my main interest: my son. Nell also suggested and helped me set up a durable power of attorney so that in the event of my future inability to manage my assets, I have a trusted family member to do so. Thank you Nell for giving me peace of mind on these important issues.
— Stuart Emmons


Coats v. The Estate of Coats, Multnomah County Circuit Court Case No.: 99CV 0107 MS (2000). Our client obtained a $25,000,000 judgment in one of the largest family disputes in the history of Oregon.