Wealth Planning

Our practice focuses on wealth management and helping clients and their families plan for the future in shaping their wills, and in the right situation, a trust, along with a durable power of attorney and advanced health care directive. We welcome the opportunity to provide peace of mind in preparing for life’s events.

Estate Planning

We want to help you look at the big picture of estate planning, and make life easier for those you leave behind: whether it is a spouse or domestic partner, your children, your family, a friend or your favorite charity. We want to work with you to learn your long-term goals and accomplish them.

Families with young children, may prefer the option of a trust in their will, so if parents die before the children reach a certain age, a trustee (selected by the parents) can manage the family assets until the children are old enough to do so on their own.

We recently lost a dear family member and realized we didn’t have any will ourselves, although we were in our fifties with three almost adult children. Nell helped us to prepare our wills and a revocable living trust, because one of our aims was to avoid probate. We now feel more secure if the unexpected were to happen.
— K.M. and C.M.